Information about the University:


University of Administration and Social Sciences in Warsaw was established on the basis of the decision no. DSW-3001-554/TT/03 of the Minister of National Education and Sport and was registered on August 20, 2003. Decision No. MNiSW-DNS-WUN-6014-22408-1/WM/12 replaced the ordinal number by 274.

The higher education institution is authorised to provide degree programme in the fields of Administration.

The Faculty of Administration is provided in first-cycle (bachelor's degree) and second-cycle (master's degree) programmes, while the remaining faculties are provided with first-cycle programmes.

Moreover, the University will offer a wide range of postgraduate studies, among others  Applied Computer Science, European Studies and Business management.

The University conducts scientific research under various research programmes, which results in a number of book publications. The University periodically publishes "Zeszyty Naukowe" (Scientific Notebooks).

            The University will also organize and co-organize scientific conferences. There are also student science clubs and the WSAS Graduates' Association.

Educational offer:

1) First-cycle (bachelor degree) studies in the field of Administration:

The studies last 6 semesters. Studies with a practical profile. The student may independently direct his/her knowledge and skills by choosing one of the following specialties:

  • Government administration and civil service
  • Internal security administration
  • Self-government administration
  • Judicial administration
  • Public governance

In the field of Administration it is possible for the candidate to use learning outcomes achieved outside the higher education system.  If the candidate for undergraduate studies holds a certificate of maturity and at least five years' work experience, he/she may apply to the University for counting the learning outcomes achieved as a result of the courses and training taken, as well as those obtained by performing various tasks at the occupied position. If the University achieves learning outcomes, this may lead to a reduction in the duration of studies by one, two or, in individual cases, even three semesters, i.e. by half the duration of undergraduate studies.

2) Second cycle (master's) programmes in the field of Administration:

The studies last 4 semesters. Studies with a practical profile. By choosing a Master's Seminar, students can better manage their professional careers.

If a candidate for a Master's degree has at least three years of postgraduate experience, he/she may take advantage of the same possibility of obtaining credit for learning outcomes, which may reduce the time of the Master's degree by one, and in special cases by two semesters.



If someone already holds a Master's degree and after obtaining it has worked for at least two years, they may take up studies in another field of study and apply to the University for a credit for learning outcomes. This leads to a corresponding reduction in the duration of studies in the next field of study.

3) Postgraduate studies:

Postgraduate studies aimed at obtaining new professional qualifications necessary in the modern labour market. Postgraduate studies shall last two semesters. Currently, the offer includes postgraduate studies:

  • Taxation in practice
  • Control and audit in public administration
  • Specialist in health and safety at work
  • Real estate management specialist
  • Organisation and management of public administration
  • Entrepreneurship in the labour market
  • Studies for candidates for the probation service
  • Studies for professional court superintendents


3. Contact:

The University of Administration and Social Sciences in Warsaw conducts education at its registered office at 346/348 Grochowska Street, which is a location providing easy access from any place in Warsaw, as well as from outside City. Nearby are the stations and bus stops: East Warsaw Station, which provides access from various places in the country, the stop Warsaw-Stadion, which provides access from the neighborhoods of Warsaw. Moreover, the nearness of the second underground line and numerous bus and tram lines make it possible to travel quickly and comfortably to various points in Warsaw.



The University of Administration and Social Sciences in Warsaw

Grochowska 346/348

03-838 Warsaw